Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Medical records are legal documents and information contained in them is often used by other doctors the patient is subsequently referred to for ongoing treatment. Medications are often prescribed or refilled based on the information contained in medical records. It is therefore of utmost importance that the medical record is as accurate as possible. Oftentimes the sound quality of a dictated report is very poor and the transcriptionist cannot hear properly. This poor sound quality can be avoided most of the time.

The following are some guidelines to ensure the best dictation quality ensuring that you, in turn, will receive the most accurate medical transcription from your medical transcription service.


CELL PHONES: EZ Scribe does not recommend using cell phones for dictations. Often times, especially if you are moving about or in a car, the signal may vary and the sound may fade in and out or be dropped completely. If there is no other phone available, please ensure you have a good signal on your phone and please remain stationary while you are dictating.

SPEAKERS: EZ Scribe does not recommend you put your phone on speaker – EVER. All background noise is picked up and it is very hard to transcribe with background noise sometimes competing with the dictator!!!

PATIENT DEMOGRAPHICS: It is important to spell the patient’s name – first and last. Even simple names such as “Cathleen” or “Steven” could have alternate spellings such as “Kathleen” or “Stephen” and since this is a legal document, we want to be sure the name is 100% correct.

SPELLING OUT TERMS: There is no need to spell common medical terms/drugs. EZ Scribe's transcriptionists are professionals and are familiar with all medical terms/drugs. However, if the patient is on a brand new drug and/or an experimental protocol, spelling the drug is very helpful. Additionally, it is useful to spell names of doctors not normally associated with your facility, and places and/or medical centers which are not in the local area.

SPEAK CLEARLY AND SELECT A QUIET AREA TO DICTATE: This seems obvious, but sometimes the dictator is unaware of how much background noise is picked up and “mixed in” with the dictation – thereby making it unclear. Eating, drinking, rustling papers, background noises (phones ringing, other people talking in the room) all affect the quality of the dictation. If you are interrupted or need to look through papers whilst you are dictating – please utilize the “pause” feature while you are doing so.

The bottom line is - high quality dictation translates into high quality reports, and conversely a poor quality dictation could result in a report with multiple blanks and potential inaccuracy.

Using a high quality transcription company such as EZ Scribe Medical Transcription Service ( ), and practicing good dictation habits will ensure you receive high quality, accurate reports.