Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How is Accuracy Best Achieved from your Medical Transcription Service?

EZ Scribe Medical Transcription provides its clients with a high quality transcription service, and accuracy is our top priority.

Every medical transcription service should strive to ensure that every document is 100% accurate prior to delivery to their client. The AAMT recommends that medical transcription companies set a goal for their transcriptionists of at least 98% accuracy with respect to all errors, at least 98% accuracy with respect to major errors,
and 100% accuracy with respect to critical errors. However, any medical transcription service that is consistently delivering timely documents to their clients understands that these targets are the industry standard and that some flexibility should be incorporated into the process. Some allowance are made in situations where the dictation is of poor quality, and the medical transcription service may not be able to provide a completely accurate final report, and that report will ultimately require completion by the client. A good medical transcription company also understands the tradeoff between speed and accuracy. If the medical transcription service sets standards of productivity for the transcriptionists that are unreasonable, then the accuracy of the final transcribed report will suffer.

The best program for any medical transcription company to employ is a program of constant feedback to their MTs, along with continuing education. It is just not enough to correct the final reports, if the transcriptionists are not educated, they will continually make the same mistakes over and over again.

A medical transcription company’s attention to quality should always include a commitment to the ongoing professional development and continuing education of the medical transcriptionist as a means of ensuring that the client receives the best possible accuracy from your medical transcription service.

At EZ Scribe Medical Transcription Services, we employ the above policies. Our QA department provides the transcriptionists with daily feedback. New drugs, etc., are communicated to our transcription via a monthly memo. By providing our transcriptionists with this feedback, we thereby ensure that EZ Scribe provides its clients with a top quality medical transcription service. For more information, please visit us at:


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