Friday, February 27, 2009

How will the President’s push for EMR Affect the Medical Transcription Industry?

The new health information technology initiatives will require medical transcription services to take the lead when it comes to accuracy in medical records documentation. In a paper-based environment, an error in a medical record remains isolated in that specific chart. However, in an EMR (electronic medical record) record environment, where one document is potentially viewed by multiple practitioners, it is critical to ensure the utmost accuracy of the information in the EMR. EZScribe Medical Transcription Service is a medical transcription company that delivers the most accurate medical records to its clients, by using the most highly skilled medical transcriptionists in the industry. Over the last 20 years, medical transcriptionists have had to adapt to technology as it evolves, from the typewriter, to the word processor, to the personal computer, and now to the EMR environment. EZScribe Medical Transcription Services remains committed to ensuring that their transcriptionists keep abreast of new technologies, and we stand ready to help our clients with the transition from a paper-based environment to the EMR environment. To learn how EZScribe can help your medical practice (whatever your size) most effectively utilize our transcription service, please visit us at


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