Friday, February 13, 2009

Improving Quality in the Transcribed Document

As all medical transcriptionists and medical transcription companies know, quality medical records start with quality dictation. A medical document’s quality can be hindered by poor dictation habits, distractions to the dictator or by the environment where the dictation is performed. Dictations with blanks in the reports need to be screened through a Quality Assurance program that utilizes the best professionals in the transcription industry. EZ Scribe Medical Transcription’s QA process assures the client that the best possible final document is delivered to the patient’s medical record. Even with poor dictation quality, or incomplete dictation, EZ Scribe Medical Transcription will utilize all of its available resources to return to the client the most complete and accurate document possible.

EZ Scribe knows that a doctor’s time is very valuable, and they must dictate where and when it is most convenient for them. EZ Scribe works with our clients by giving them feedback as to dictation quality, background noise, etc., to try to eliminate the frustration of blanks in reports or reports that are cut off or incomplete. Working together to improve the dictation process helps EZ Scribe Medical Transcription and its clients achieve the most accurate and professional documents possible.

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